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Buy a Lottery Ticket or Dog?

People tell me that they are not interested in online dating, speed dating, asking friends to set them up on dates or doing visualizations or intention setting because they believe that if they are supposed to be in a relationship it will happen.

Yes it might happen, but the question remains, will it happen with the type of person with whom you want to be in a relationship?

I believe that just letting it happen or saying it will happen if it is supposed to is the equivalent of saying “If I am supposed to win the lottery, I will” but not buying a lottery ticket. You can’t win if you don’t play.

People have told me that it will happen if they just let go of the attachment of wanting to be in a relationship. They express this as if there is something wrong, bad or immoral about wanting and asking to have someone special in their life. To have a want is selfish, greedy or being needy. If they let go of the want and if they are deserving, in their mind, and they are supposed to be in a relationship, then it will simply happen. A strong wanting to be in a relationship often invites the gremlin to sit on your shoulder and say, “What if he doesn’t come along, then what?” Being wrapped up in angst about finding someone creates a lot of negative energy. Negative repels, positive attracts. Clarifying your intentions creates a positive mental framework to work within.

People often don’t want to set intentions because they don’t want to set themselves up for being disappointed if their intention is not met by the time frame they have specified. They don’t want others to know that they have set an intention because they feel that if it doesn’t work, then it will reflect poorly on them. They don’t want to deal with questions of “Well what happened?” When you letting others know how they can help you they then are part of the journey and want to help you succeed. They are also there to offer you encouragement. Or there to lend a shoulder to cry on if a keeper gets away.

Setting your intention creates an energetic connection with all the other people who are available to connect with you. There is a lot of “it will happen if it is supposed to” involved with finding your marvelous match. You do need to buy that lottery ticket though. If you want to play the game of relationships you have to put your money where your heart is. You play by being clear and specific as to who you want in your life and by when.

People who have gone through the process of clarifying and setting their intention about what they want in a partner often discover more about themselves. Their priorities become clearer to them. A beneficial result, whether they know it or not, is they are able to pitch a lot of emotional baggage that they don’t need anymore.

I encourage you to take some time and jot a few notes about what intention you want to set about finding your marvelous match.

Listen to your heart, take the plunge and go buy that lottery ticket. What do you have to loose?

Or on second thought, forget the whole thing and just go buy a dog.


Have you slipped up on specificity and clarity about your desires?

How are things progressing for you?

Have other bits of life interrupted your search?

Have you needed a little nudge to move forward?

And if you have met your champion, whether or not you’ve completed all 14 steps and 3 tests, please post in the comments below your good news.

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