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Set the intention.

“I want to spend this Christmas with someone who is incredible.” This was my first intention after going through a divorce. I just wanted some good company. If he turned into my marvelous match, that would be a bonus. But it was a bit vague as to what my heart’s true desire was – to find my champion to live the rest of my life with.

My girlfriend told me hers, “I want to spend my birthday with someone who is marvelous.”

It was still pretty vague.

You want to be clear and very specific. Look at every nuance of your intention. If you say you “want to meet someone” is it acceptable to you if you meet him in the supermarket and then never see him again? Do you want to “spend my birthday with someone?” Would it be okay if that someone was not the person who was to be your life partner, but someone who just comes into your life for a brief period?

Do you want to meet your life partner sometime? Or do you want to meet him by the 4th of July? If so, which 4th of July? 1985 or 2015? Get specific!

And make your intentions clear statements that are easy to rattle off to anyone “I want to spend my birthday this year with someone who is marvelous!” Within five seconds the woman in the checkout line with you can easily know your intention, that you want to meet Marvelous Man. The more people who know your intention the more people who will be thinking about you and help you manifest your intention. There can not be mamby-pamby here. Be very clear, concise and very specific with your intention. The details of the who comes later.

Setting intentions can be easy, fine tuning the energy to really match what you are wanting can be trickier. Do not waste your time and the universe’s energy on generalities. Get specific and detailed!


“I want to spend this Christmas with someone who is incredible, who will recognize how incredible I am.” I added on what I wanted him to think of me.

I got what I wanted. Actually I wound up spending the Christmas holiday with three great guys. One on Christmas eve, one on Christmas night and one on the phone on and off through out the day. The first guy was a previous boyfriend with whom I had remained friends. The second guy was someone I had dated twice. He put himself out of the running when he said that he knew he was not ready for a serious relationship, yet. We also remained friends. The third guy I wound up having a long term relationship with for two and a half years, until he told me that he did not want to be married. That was my deal breaker (more on deal breakers to come.)


What is your intention?

Post it in the comments below. When I receive notification that it’s been posted I’ll give you the password to Step #2 No Doubts.

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